Solutions for Air Freight

Air Freight is a part of the comprehensive and efficient network that has been developed to ensure that your products will deliver on time and with zero error.

Global Express cargo partners with airlines and freight forwarders to offer seamless air freight solutions to clients globally.

We offer a competitive and quick service which includes our air express, high priority (24 hours) delivery, air freight standard and value services. As a leading provider of air cargo services, we offer our clients an unmatched repertoire of experiences and skills in cargo freight management, and air operations.

Our air freight solutions offer the ideal balance between time, space, frequency and cost.

Our air cargo services cover all trading centers, and combine flexibility with speed and value to give our clients a noticeable advantage.

We serve you also for imports and exports with our global door-to-door service services if required.

Experience tells us that the real difference in air freight is made on the ground.

We give you access to the best people, processes and technology so that quality is assured and time won on ground. We constantly upgrade and refine our work to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective air freight service.

How can we help?

Our mission at Global Express Cargo is to create measurable value for our customers, our team members and our community. Treating others with respect and compassion is at the core of the Global Express Cargo philosophy and we provide a safe working environment for our employees and offer them opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally. This belief also extends to our community, where we work to provide economic stability through quality employment opportunities and give back whenever we can.

We are proud to have led the way in Global Express Cargo, we provide creative logistics solutions with our expedited fleet, warehousing and distribution services and nationwide multi-modal freight brokerage aswell Air freight and Ocean Freight solutions.

Based on our dependable work ethic, company culture and values and the highest level of service in the industry – our vision is to achieve excellence in everything that we do.

When the company founders started Global Express Cargo, they vowed to create a company that was built on strong family values – respect, integrity and compassion – and a true work-life balance. They committed to work hard for each other, their employees, their clients and their community, building relationships that would grow and bring success for everyone involved.

We at Global Express Cargo are proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, and look forward to our future success together.

The global logistics markets are increasing more and more, our shares in global trade are growing daily, be also part of our success story

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